Analysis Of ' Our America `` By Lealan And Lloyd Show How The Voices Of Oppressed African Americans

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With their witty and compelling book “Our America,” LeAlan and Lloyd show how the voices of underrepresented African Americans contribute significantly to our understanding about American racial relationship. I want to deliver their political messages to both the authorities and the general audience. By presenting double-meaning songs which could be absorbed in various depth level, my soundtrack will illuminate both the book’s main theme of reality, hope, inequality and give voices to African Americans.
The themes of reality and hope appear inside the innocent narration of LeAlan and Lloyd about their lives in Ida B. Wells. It appeared with filth, violence, drugs, and broken families. LeAlan ’s mother had bipolar disorder, and his father neglected him. Lloyd ’s mother passed away when he was young, and his father was an alcoholic. Their broken families in Ida B. Wells seemed to determine their fates to be future drug dealers, or gang members. Nevertheless, from their Radio Documentary, “Life-1993,” LeAlan and Lloyd were, instead, two smart young boys, who courageously fought for what is right. They have represented people in Ida B. Well echoing their ghetto stories to the outside worlds. Inside their stories, we find hope for a better future.
I will put “Beat It,” from Michael Jackson to narrate the opening scene. Similar to people’s experience in Ida B. Wells, “Beat It,” is a story of a teenager, tempting to make sense of the world from his observation of community…

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