Essay Analysis Of ' Other Men Are Thorn '

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In "Other Men Are Thorn," Mahadeviyakka 's perception of men are scarred by her experience with her abusive ex-husband; this poem clearly demonstrates her distrust and resentment of men. In Taming of the Shrew, Katherina Minola is married to Petruchio, a manipulative fortune-hungry man. Throughout their marriage, Petruchio uses methods of torture (sleep deprivation, starvation,etc.) on Katherina in an attempt to make her submissive and adopts the behaviour similar to an abusive lover.This interaction causes Katherina to change herself and her perception of men to be more aligned with the poet. By comparing Katherina’s experience to Mahadeviyakka’s experience, we are able to see the underlying theme of abuse towards women to gain control and to be the ideal man.

Kate 's attitude at the beginning of the play does not overlap with the attitude of a battered woman as she confidently refuses to follow the orders of the already existing men in her life. Therefore, she hasn 't come to terms with the ideas presented by Mahadeviyakka. In comparison to the poem, Kate at the moment isn 't afraid of men and she can go near them but doesn 't trust them nor speak with them about private personal matters believing they are dim witted; In fact, she even throws tantrums in front of men (for example, throwing a lute at Hortensio and responding to Hortensio 's insults) indicating her comfort around them. Minola communicates with men in an act of self defence. However, Mahadeviyakka 's…

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