Essay Analysis Of ' On The Train ' By ' The Pianist '

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Prejudice is a contagion. It only takes one person to exhibit it, and then more will follow. This ignorant falsehood corrupts our minds into believing that it is acceptable to not to treat our neighbour as we would ourselves. As a result- society then becomes victim to its own prejudice. We see this in the short story ‘On the train’ by Fiona Kidman, ‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak, ‘The Pianist’ which is directed by Roman Polanski and also in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ written by Harper Lee. These texts highlight the fact that stereotyping is only for those without the perception to see people as they are instead of being like someone else they understand, but also that prejudice does not only harm an individual but also contributes to a larger problem in social behavior and finally, how humans are capable of inflicting dehumanizing and immoral behaviour to those they have power over . Throughout all texts we learn that prejudice is embedded into many of our own societal values. Equality is the foundation of any fair society, so unless we instigate change in demanding justice for everybody in our world, we are unable to reach our full potential.

Stereotyping is only for those without the perspective to see people as they are instead of being like someone else they understand:

On the train:
“But they don’t sit beside me. It’s true I might talk to them.” First person narration is used to heighten Dick’s longing to be accepted into this society bound by generational…

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