Analysis Of ' Of Mice And Men ' Essay

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Of mice and men; places and their significance
I chose to write about the pool in the beginning of the book and the bunkhouse. I have chosen the pool because it is a calm and relaxing place, like a paradise compared to the bunkhouse. The bunkhouse is a simple building with as little money spent on it as possible and no effort to make it comfortable for the workers living there. The characters spend a lot of time throughout the book and most of the key events take place here.
The pool is of great significance to the plot of the book and is where George and Lennie are first introduced. It is in this area that you begin to build up an idea, as the reader, of the relationship between the two and understand what their situation is. The pool signifies lots of different things throughout the book, for example it is used as a safe place for Lennie to come to, shelter for him and George when they first arrive in Soledad and is the first place you see in the book. It is used to set the mood and tone for the rest of the book.
The pool is full of life and colour. It is a place of calm and leaves the impression of it being similar to paradise. “the water is warm” Steinbeck sets it as a place of comfort and warmth, the warm water suggesting that it is relaxing and gives hope for a better future for George and Lennie. “Twinkling over yellow sands in the sunlight” giving the impression that it is a peaceful place. He has created this atmosphere to make the reader agree that it is a safe…

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