Analysis Of ' Of Mice And Men ' And ' An Inspector Calls ' Essay

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The way relationships are presented in ‘Of Mice and Men’ and ‘An Inspector Calls’ are based upon the setting of both texts which greatly affects the story, the writer’s beliefs are quite similar as they both repeatedly mention and show the amount of inequality towards women although they are both set in different times we can see that in those years between ‘An Inspector Calls’ written in 1947 and ‘Of Mice and Men’ written in 1937s it shows mankind has not yet changed and the writers want to make the people aware of this, “We are responsible for each other”, “We are members of one body”
Both of these texts have introduced characters with authority, one of those are ‘Inspector Goole’ from ‘An Inspector Calls’, The quote above at the time was used to teach the values of community, equality and responsibility to the Birling’s and Crofts, the playwright is not only trying to use this quote for the Birling’s but to those watching the very play In addition the characters not only think about their actions but slowly we see how much their personalities have been altered, the façade they wore was now destroyed.
In Both Texts there is a theme of a romantic relationship but the writers portray them both negatively, one example of a relationship that is considered negative is Curley and Curley’s Wife. Their relationship is shown as a substandard and undesirable one, curly is described as an over protective husband “Curly burst into the room excitedly ‘any you guys seen my wife?’ he…

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