Analysis Of Nicki Minaj A Positive Role Model For Young Black Females?

1080 Words Dec 30th, 2015 5 Pages
Media Study Skills - Is Nicki Minaj a positive role model for young black females?
In a year when cultural appropriation, police brutality against African-Americans and the Black Lives Matter movement have been illuminated, black girls must have a role model. Nicki Minaj is one of the most famous black female artists in the world right now, but is she a good role model? This essay compares the negative and positive aspects of the image she portrays. The essay will also consider the lack of representation of black women in the media and the common stereotypes they are presented as, like ‘the angry black woman’, hypersexual and ‘the strong black woman’.
Minaj frequently speaks out in interviews and mid-performance to give advice to her fans. She says to not let anyone tell them they are not good enough, to be themselves and to speak their mind. It is common for her to urge her young fans to stay in school and not take education for granted: “Y’all better stay y’all asses in school. Don’t be no slouch! Go to school, get your education… okay? Promise?” Minaj also preaches that women should be independent and have careers. “Don’t depend on a man for a motherf***ing thing. […] get your own motherf***ing job, your own career, your own reputation.” Finally, she supports her fans consistently, “I wanna say if you get out of bed and you work for what you got and you don’t hate on the next bitch, I’m so proud of you.” This encouragement could permit people to categorise her as a…

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