Analysis Of ' My House Is The Red Earth ' Essay

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On Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 8:00 pm, I have attended a performance by Joy Harjo and her friends Mitch Taylor who played the guitar, Dave Copenhaver who played the bass guitar, and Smiling’ Vic Gutierrez who played the drums and vocals. I had specifically chose this performance to do my report on because I wanted to feel what actual Native American music would be like in concert as opposed to what we naturally think of when it comes to Native American music. For me, that would include heavy drumming and dancing, which are usually even-pulsed with a variety of vocables. Not to my disappointment, the music was unique in its own way and had spoke directly to me. The performance started off with the song titled “My House is the Red Earth” in which I was peculiar surprised with. The piece began off with Joy playing the saxophone and then later was joined by the guitars and drums with a slow melody. They had kept an upbeat pace of rhythm, establishing a lighthearted tone to the art piece. The sameness of timbre had also assisted with that. However, what became the center of my attention was the fact that her lyrics were read out as a poem, instead of following with the music melody and rhythm like a typical song would be today. Before every song, Joy would tell us the brief history and the origin of it. Because of that, I was able to relate the poem itself with Joy’s background and values that she held so importantly. I remember the poem talking about what her “home” would be…

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