Positive Effects Of Ceremony Music

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Music exists in people’s daily life a long time ago and it is used in multiple areas and purposes. In Saint Augustine’s book Confessions, he talked about Catholic religion and mentioned the magical effects of music in the rites of the Catholic Church. Similarly, in David P. McAllester’s book Worlds of Music: An Introduction to the Music of the World’s peoples, the author also discussed the positive effects of ceremony music through the story of a Navajo ceremonial practitioner, Frank Mitchell. The two books showed similar positive effects on people with two different viewpoints, as Saint Augustine in Confessions is more dedicated to the religion than Frank Mitchell in Worlds of Music: An Introduction to the Music of the World’s peoples. The purposes of the ceremony music are similar given the fact that both books talked about two different religion …show more content…
Saint is an extremely dedicated man to the lord and is a person that truly believes in his religion. Especially with the scene when he described the magical stories of blind people opens his eye upon asking for the Church woman’s guidance. He really cares about the lyric and he feels happy and connected with the music. On the other hand, Frank is a little bit more skeptical for what he does. In his autobiography, he described the story when he used to fall asleep in the ceremony during the ceremony and another story that he wants to work as a railroad worker. The job security was the main reason that drove him to that job instead of belief. He knows that the job is in high demand due to people would ask for ceremony regardless their situation is bad or good. Additionally, he knows that this would be something he cannot forget easily once learned. He uses the ceremony practitioner as a way to find meaning in life with a more skeptical approach at first and later become a stronger

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