Essay on Analysis Of Mulan 's ' The Song Of Mulan '

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“The Song of Mulan” This brief poem, by Wei Yuanfu, concerns the story of Mulan and how she bravely fought for China disguised as a man. Although briefly, this poem addresses the reason as to why Mulan went to war in place of her father. Mulan’s father was old and incredibly weak, “his strength and energy daily wane” (5). Due to his deteriorating condition, he was unable to “Journey a myriad of miles” and have any hope of surviving (5). Further, Mulan’s brother was still far too young to fight in battle. Thus, Mulan was the only option. Mulan made the brave decision to fight in her father’s place because she knew his health would not allow him to journey into battle.
The Female Mulan Joins the Army in Place of Her Father This play, based off of the “The Song of Mulan”, written by Xu Wei, explains in further detail the story of Mulan. Mulan’s father was once a great warrior for China, “at one time a famous commander of a thousand” and taught Mulan about “books and marital arts” (12). Mulan was the oldest out of her siblings, and when it came time for the family to send one into battle Mulan did not shy away. Mulan was thankful that her father taught her so much, “now this is my opportunity to repay him” (12). Mulan drew off of her teachings from her father and the books, “Qin Xiu and Tiying; one of them willing to die, the other one willing to go to court to be a slave, both for their father’s sake” (13). Mulan has learned about other’s incredible sacrifices for…

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