Analysis Of Mtv 's True Life Essay

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Over time, the general understanding of the distinction between sex and gender has ceased to exist. It is now most common for them to be known with a combined definition instead of coinciding. Despite the false descriptions, those topics are recently playing a major role in the self-defining aspect of our human lives today. Across the nation, people are beginning to be more open and expressive about the gender that have decided to be, despite their sexual orientation. This is a major step for social acceptance and personal expression in our American culture. It also forces people to be more understanding while knowing that one’s personal identity is their own choice and the idea of male and female being the only two genders is starting to be suppressed.
The term “genderqueer” is used to describe the gender non-conforming individuals, meaning they think of themselves neither a boy nor a girl. On one episode of MTV’s True Life: I’m Genderqueer, they follow two genderqueer people as they cope with their decision and construct a way to successfully explain their identities and personal feelings to their parents. Most of the time we only hear the genders that exist within the binary, like transgender, that is why it is such a huge step in surfacing their identities as genderqueer. MTV’s episode played a major role in making this group that has generally been invisible to the public, now visible to the world. Over the course of the episode we watch as the individuals struggle…

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