Analysis Of Mona Lisa 's Fame, The Enhancement / Diminishment Of The Original, And How Contemporary Advertisers

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Mona Lisa, who was she? Why is the painting of her so famous? Has the original production enhanced because of her fame, and how do advertisers use her fame for themselves? All of these questions deserve an answer. I would like to try and explain my beliefs behind Mona Lisa’s fame, the enhancement/diminishment of the original, and how contemporary advertisers use her image.
What is the primary reason for the rise in fame of the Mona Lisa, is it her smile or was it the fact that the masterpiece was stolen? I believe that her mysterious smile and Mona Lisa’s following eyes painted in the picture have a lot of significance behind her fame. When I look at this painting I wonder why, like many would, how do her eyes follow me wherever I stand to look at the picture? Leonardo Da Vinci captures a beauty in his artwork that is not about perfect qualities of a female, but the characteristics that intrigue a viewer. Why does she smile like this, why does she sit so proud, and what does the scene depict. These are all questions that I’m sure many people have. These questions have never truly been answered and I assume that is why people from all around the world travel to see the painting, around 6 million a year according to an article written in the International Business Times. I think that the painting also received a great amount of fame after it was stolen from its museum for the first time in 1911. After it was recovered it was put behind bullet proof glass and guarded with its…

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