Analysis Of Mitch Albom 's Friday With Morrie Essay

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In today’s materialist society , many seem to lose the true meaning and important factors of life. They stuck in their false cultures and every day routines and seem that they are unable to make changes. In Tuesday with Morrie, Mitch Albom, the main character, narrator and author, establishes a documentary about his reunion with his favorite professor after sixteen years .The author uses literary devices to show how Tuesday life –changing classes influence his lifestyle to live a better life and reject the society’s false culture in order to avoid guilt and regret later on .Irony and flashbacks are used to show how Morrie gives him a new perspective of life and death in relation to the theme of relationship ,love ,family and happiness . Through the story a dying “coach “ help him to discover the true values of life and make big changes in his life.
The book covers many topics such as love, work, community, family, aging, forgiveness and more importantly life through death. Use of Irony as a literary device highlights the sense of saying or writing one thing, while meaning the opposite or something else. The meaning of a class, dying story and how people are too involved in their jobs are examples. The story seems as a story of death but it’s more the story of life. It is interesting to see the impact of Morrie’s lessons on Mitch’s life. Tuesday classes ‘lessons are an accurate example of the importance of accept and make the changes. It seems that these classes…

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