Analysis Of Minor Clark Is A Activist For Black Empowerment Essay

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NiaPearl Minor-Clark is a activist for black empowerment, who is not afraid to embrace her melanin. Her promotion of empowerment for people of color and them being comfortable in their skin, makes her a true leader. You can follow her on Instagram @tahnee_india_oshun.
1. What makes you proud to embrace your melanin?
My melanin shows that I am from royalty. It lets us know that any obstacles that we face, we can come out notorious from it. It’s not just a skin color. It has a strong history since the beginning of time.
2. How do you feel people view interracial relationships? Is it something that is admired or viewed as out of the ordinary?
I feel people accept it but, it also depends on who it is. Many people of the pro black movement, do not believe in it. They feel that if you mix the two races together that, it will water down the purity of your race. Majority of people who are not for a race war, believe love is love. Also that all people are equal.
3. What do you feel needs to change about African American women’s depiction in television and media?
In shows many females are presented as loud and uneducated. Shows like, The Bad Girls Club and Love and Hip Hop, are examples of this. In movies they are often portrayed as crackheads or a prostitute who is trying to find the light. Also slave movies are where African American women are played in often as well. The only time I saw a black woman who had power in a white television show was if she was with a white man. Olivia…

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