Analysis Of Mindy Cherri A High School Art Teacher Essay examples

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Culture is a learned system of thought and behavior that classifies a certain group who shares particular beliefs, values, and practices. Arguably, it is one of the largest forms of identification when representing specific individuals; one can understand the nature of another via having a well-rounded understanding of culture. Birthroots play an immense role in shaping character; nevertheless, it is not the entire basis that embodies the wholeness of an individual. Mindy Cherri—a high school art teacher born into an line of Italian, German or west European, and American Indian descendants—exemplifies as a remarkable example of such disposition, for though her personal background and origin has influenced her via a number of measures, she has cultivated herself an identity that distinguishes her from other members of her family’s culture and manifests a divergent form of communication. Hence, Mindy’s simultaneous sense of her lineage and individuality does share, in an astounding amount of ways, attributes of my own despite our family’s contrasting ethnicities.
Formulating a proper “identity” of her mixed-race family has proven to be too ambiguously complicated to distinguish, for despite her father classifying them to be simply “Italian” much like himself, Mindy finds it difficult to represent herself to be a part of a singular culture and has often experienced seclusion from those with a more firm identity. Both Mindy and I share this component of our persona, considering…

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