Essay on Analysis Of Michael Meyer 's ' The Bedford '

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In The Bedford Introduction to Literature by “Michael Meyer” three short stories by “Nathaniel Hawthorne” are included. The first of the three is Young Goodman Brown, which is a story of a husband know as Goodman Brown who leaves his wife and town for a night to travel to the forest. In the forest Mr. Goodman finds a man who accompanies him through their mysterious venture in the forest. In the course of the trip Mr.Goodman realizes how everyone he knew to be pure is full of sins. Next was The Minister 's Black Veil where a pastor who decides to wear a black veil for the rest of his life, begins to get questioned about his purity and integrity. The concluding story of the three is The Birthmark, in this story a husband who happens to be a scientist settles in with the perfect wife. Except one flaw is soon discovered which happens to be a small crimson colored birthmark on the wife 's cheek and the husband not being able to stand the imperfection does everything in his power to get rid of it. These three stories are all connected with the same theme of acceptance in human nature and its imperfections.
In the short story Young Goodman Brown, Mr.Goodman leaves his his wife and hometown to venture the forest. “ Off all nights in the year, this one night must i tarry away from thee” (p.398). His young wife “Faith, as the wife was aptly named”(p.398). begs him to stay because “a lone woman is troubled with such dreams and such thoughts that she’s afeard of herself…

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