Analysis Of Walt Disney Princess Movies

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Most little girls grow up watching Walt Disney princess movies. Disney is one of the biggest brands in the world. And they have a huge following mostly consisting of little girls who look up to characters disney puts out. They are one of the few brands who have really mastered the art of marketing. At first businesses thought the best way to get consumers to buy their products was to make sure there was more than enough of it. Manufacturers believed the best way to make a profit was to make more things, and it turned out that the key to making a profit was not in manufacturing, it was actually in marketing. The way you sell a product to a consumer. Naomi Klein a Canadian journalist writes in her work “No Logo” that “what these companies produced …show more content…
Meta Production is “a process of a material and linguistic signification that uses values already deemed “meta” in some sense, specifically, those that are metacultural and metalinguistic.”(Shankar 833) In other words, Meta Production is how a company targets and focuses on a specific group of people. Disney wants to focus and target children, which they succeed at for the most part. They fail when it comes to targeting children that come from different cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. As of right now there are only eleven official disney princesses Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty), Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Tiana, Mulan, Pocahontas, Merida, and Rapunzel. And out of those eleven princesses only four of them are not white. Princess Jasmine the first non white princess is supposed to be an Arabian princess from the Middle east, but does not look anything like what a young woman from the Middle East should look like. Instead of having an olive skin tone, Princess Jasmine is very pale. Other Disney princesses such as Mulan and Pocahontas have also fallen victim to Disney’s “white-washing”. These movies are teaching children that it is better to be white. They try to be diverse but then there is a strong european influence over the movies featuring non-white princesses. The Princesses are a big part of Disney's brand. Klein writes “Brands could conjure a feeling...but not only that, entire corporations could themselves embody a meaning of their own.”(Klein 779) The Disney brand is known to be considered magical, and spread happiness to the people who watch Disney movies, and use the products they produce. You can’t think of Disney without thinking of at least one princess. They are part of how Disney sells themselves. Disney understands that advertising is not just science; it is also spiritual. They want to leave an emotional imprint on its consumers. It is part of

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