Analysis Of Meredith Kline In Kingdom Prologue

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Meredith Kline in Kingdom Prologue is a celebration of God’s faithfulness and grace to His elect. Kline’s prime facet is summed up in his statement, “Divine promise within redemptive covenant.” The result of man’s sinfulness is clear. In context of Genesis 6, (Newman, 1984) reiterates the level of sinfulness and the subsequent judgement.
“Following our passage, the context leads quickly into the flood, beginning with God 's observation that both man and beast must be wiped out because man 's wickedness has become very great.”

Kline calls the deluge a restructuring, echoed by (Hess & Tsumura, 1994)
“It is very plain that the flood is represented not just as a punishment for the sin of the generation of the flood, but a reversal of creation…”
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However, I do have a very small point of contention. In Genesis 5 to be the image of God is to be the son of God. An image son is a covenant servant in Kline’s view. I only would of preferred a delineation to clarify that his purview here is only for believers. In our culture some still refrain that; “We are all God’s children.” An invalid statement applied universally. Therefore, since Kingdom Prologue is outside of the seminary classroom a better rendering would simply preface Kline’s statement with- As …show more content…
Cities world wide are a testament to the temples of self. It is also speaking of those seeking a return to a human created garden city as Crosby, Stills and Nash amazingly acknowledge “We are caught in the Devil’s bargain.” It is precisely as Kline describes the fallen man who is a slave to the world of which he should have retained dominion over if sinless. The original city of man has turned into the temple of man, idolatry.
In observing the Sabbath, this confesses that God is our Lord and Lord of all Lords. When we trust God as sovereign, able to save beyond our worst nightmares in life, real or perceived, we look to Christ, our final Sabbath rest when heaven and earth will be re-created, demonstrating with finality the absolute sovereignty of

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