Essay about Analysis Of Meghan Trainor 's ' Anaconda '

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Meghan Trainor is a recent American pop star defined by her sense of empowerment as she urges listeners to reject body shaming. Encouraging positive body image is becoming a societal norm in the U.S. and the Nashville singer 2014 debut single, “All About That Bass,” help persuade her audience that bigger bodies are better. The objectification of larger bodies contribute towards a feeling that there is a criteria for beauty. Similarly, Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” is part of a tradition of hip hop that celebrates women with larger bodies. In considering the thematic focus on female empowerment embedded within the two women’s music, it is imperative to take into account the societal and historical context of black culture appropriation which Trainor borrows in order to glorify women with larger bodies. This practice allows Trainor, to address a social problem: body image. Examining body dissatisfaction can better help us understand why body image can be so prominent in popular music and rap. Psychology researchers at the University of Sussex describe body dissatisfaction as the “salient discrepancy between a person’s perceived body and their ideal body” (Bell et al., 137). In other words, when individuals start to distinguish themselves with others, they become victims of low self-esteem. Additionally, when women are connected to high media consumption and “thinness-depicting and -promoting (TDP) media,” the cultivation theory states that the process of body dissatisfaction…

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