Essay on Analysis Of Matthew 's Influence On Psychology

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Matthew is a twenty-five-year-old white male Maths degree student who came to therapy because he is worried about becoming depressed and he linked it to his relationship with his girlfriend breaking down. He is concerned about dropping out of university as he is beginning to be withdrawn and he has been avoiding contact with his parents. He has a history of depression since he was a teenager.
Matthew had a difficult childhood. When his sister was born two years after him, his parents’ attention went to her because she was born autistic. It may have left him feeling neglected at the time.
Matthew was very worried about his finances and it was making him feel low. His parents have offered to help him, but he declined it to avoid dependence. He made a lot of money out of a patent when he was sixteen-years-old. However, it is not clear in the assessment what happened to the money and how he got into financial difficulties.
Matthew has developed a pattern of risk and destructive behaviours which he described as often riding his bike through red lights. Although the counsellor has asked him about suicide ideation he has denied it as he portrayed it as a game to raise his adrenaline. He mentioned a dream in which he was ‘standing on the top of a lighthouse at night and feeling trapped '. It may be an unconscious communication here where red lights and the lighthouse may mean the risks he is putting himself through. He uses alcohol and cannabis as a self-medication which shows…

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