Essay on Analysis Of Martin Luther King 's ' I Have A Dream '

1094 Words Feb 10th, 2016 5 Pages
The speech” I have a dream” by Martin Luther king, was delivered in August 28 1963 at Lincoln Memorial Washington D.C, is one of the most powerful speech in American history. The speech is powerful and the tone fluctuates mainly between pathos and logos. Also, the speaker provided argumentative speech by addressing reasons and supports for his argument. In addition, he represented the other point of view for his demand of racial justice. However, the words were simple, but the speech varies from the treatise style to the poetic one. In my essay, I will argue how powerful the speech was by illustrating the supporting points in it, the modality of the speech. Moreover, the speaker’s word choice which conveyed his message as well as, why I select this speech. First and foremost, I selected this speech because the speech is considered as a turning point in the civil right movement for racial justice, however; the speech was directed to the whole nation in all states and not for black people only, which strength the speech providing it with publicity. In addition, the speech was delivered on the steps of president Lincoln, who defended the slavery’s rights, which provides perfect atmosphere for the speaker to influence the audience and let them accept his points of view. The speaker addressed his claim from the scratch of the speech as, despite the singing of Emancipation proclamation, however; 100 years later negro aren’t free and they have miserable condition…

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