Analysis Of Martin Luther King Jr Essay

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Nelson Mandela fought for racial justice and democracy in South Africa he was quoted stating, “When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw” Mandela believes that a person should stand up for his beliefs and should fight back if his way of life is challenged. For instance Mandela’s beliefs that all men are equal no matter the color of his skin was shunned by the Europeans who controlled the govern in South Africa. The government outlawed any protest or opposition to its segregation laws. Mandela felt that he had the right to protest the laws he deemed unfair which due to the fact that protesting was illegal made him an outlaw. Many individuals that have fought for their beliefs have been forced to break laws or imprisoned for disagreeing with certain laws. If a person’s rights are at risk than it is okay to challenge the law.

Another advocate for racial equality was Martin Luther King Jr, King also fought his own rights and others but was imprisoned. Martin Luther King believed that the American democracy gives him the right to oppose laws that he deems unfair. King’s speech in the Montgomery Bus Boycott 1995 King states,”The great glory of the American democracy is the right to protest for right (Garrow 2).” When a person disagrees with a law, King believes that the right way for that person to oppose the law is to protest said law. Dr. King went to prison more than once for protesting. King went to…

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