Analysis Of Marlow 's ' Heart Of Darkness ' Essay

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Marlow 's Compassion
Foci 1: The second section of Heart of Darkness presents the reader with crucial insight into the heart and mind of Marlow as individuals examine his inner conscience as depicted through his struggle to reach Kurtz. Marlow’s actions and mental reactions create a sense of hopelessness as well as providing individuals with the sense that Marlow does not contain the strength and independence as he was previously illustrated to have. Two such instances which exemplify Marlow 's weakness include “This man has enlarged my mind” (Conrad.50) and “...I will never shake him by the hand” (Conrad.43). Marlow’s journey has shifted from one of pure desire for the love of travel to an obsessive infatuation with finding and meeting with the illustrious Kurtz. However, Marlow’s yearning soon shifts to become even deeper than a mere infatuation. His determination to find Kurtz proves as an enigma which irks him to his very soul as he can not explain his passion to find Kurtz to others let alone himself. Like a moth to a light an instinctual and primeval craving hankers Marlow due to his primordial urge for a father figure in his life. In Kurtz, Marlow sees a masculine influence of which he has never seen or felt before in his entire existence one that pushes him to strive for greater heights than ever before. A meager shake on the hand with Kurtz proves enough to bestow Marlow with a sense of satisfaction and wisdom that will compel him to carry through…

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