Analysis Of Marlee Matlin 's ' Children Of A Lesser God ' Essay example

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Marlee Matlin is a famous actress, dancer and motivational speaker. Marlee Matlin cast in Children of a Lesser God due to her success in the role portrayed she was awarded her first academy award at the age of twenty-one. Furthering her success, Marlee also potrayed roles in Dancing with the Stars, additionally participating in a show called Switch at birth, also making an appearance in the series of Desperate Housewives. Marlee Matlin has performed many movies as well as shows, furthermore being able to accomplish all this and aspire for more. Marlee Matlin is not a regular famous person she is a extremely special woman. Achieved all her goals despite the fact of being Deaf. Overcame all the challenges of being deaf and pursued all her dreams. Marlee is a person that has had the opportunity of representing the deaf society proving that they can do anything. as she proudly says, “It must have been fascinating for America to watch a deaf woman dancing, thinking ‘How does she do this without hearing the music?’” (Hoffman B). Her biography is truly inspirational to the young and to the Deaf culture this comes to prove once again that being deaf is not something that holds you from accomplishing your deepest desires.
As I had a conversation with Lorena I was able to ask her about Marlee Matlin I asked her if she has ever heard about her. Lorena looked at me and responded saying that she does not keep up with the media so often she then asked “who is she another Kardashian” (…

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