Analysis Of ' Macbeth ' By William Shakespeare Essay

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Femininity and Masculinity refers to the way persons identify themselves in society. Society is broken down into two genders, women or man. Each gender identity has different traits in which comes along with being either feminine or masculine. For example, in society, man are seen as dominant, hard working, and brave, while women are seen as, sweet, innocent and kind hearted. But because these are social definitions, therefore are not actually concrete definitions, it is possible for females to see themselves as, man and for males to see themselves as females or perhaps act or emotionally feel like that. A perfect example of this perception would be the play Macbeth written by Shakespeare, which has characteristics such as, ambition, deception and most of all betrayal being delineated. The work Macbeth surrounds itself around the notion that, a man driven by a deceiving prophecy from evil creatures, and greed, can himself destroy all he has built. If the play is closely examined, it will be seen that certain factors contribute to the decisions made within the play by characters. Furthermore, such decisions are analyzed by using the two concepts of: Masculinity and Femininity. Masculinity and Femininity is a prominent theme used throughout the acts to persuade violence, to disrupt the gender traditional point of view and to describe the emotional and physical state of specific characters within the play. By reading the play, a final conclusion can be identified and that…

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