Essay Analysis Of ' Macbeth ' By William Shakespeare

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Macbeth Essay Edits
Much of the majority of humanity has felt guilt at one point in their life, whether it is an everyday occurrence or a single moment. Guilt prompts aids people to make in making decisions they would not have made otherwise make before, causing their life as well as their morals to spiral uncontrollably. a spiraling effect for that person. Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, illustrates this exactly. Throughout the tragedy, Shakespeare explains how guilt plagues the minds consciences of the many through Lady Macbeth and her husband Macbeth, ultimately contributing to their inability to distinguish right from wrong, causing them to make rash and illogical decisions. consuming their consciences and contributing to their demise.
Although Lady Macbeth originally dealt with guilt well handled the guilt of Duncan’s murder well, she later gave into the burden it bestowed upon her, consuming her moral compass and causing her to make ill-advised choices. Directly after Duncan’s murder, Macbeth returns to his chamber only to find criticism from his wife, who justifies Macbeth’s sin by Lady Macbeth, demeaning the masculinity of her husband, claiming that “the sleeping and the dead are but as pictures” (2.2.51-52). Guilt has coerced Lady Macbeth to become this ruthless character, as shown through her assertion that the sleeping and the dead are equals, which are entirely different phenomena. This demonstrates Lady Macbeth’s loss of morals because she has engaged in lying…

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