Analysis Of Luis Sepúlveda's The Old Man Who Read Love Stories

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While Luis Sepúlveda explains the book The Old Man Who Read Love Stories, it is clear that the author's message is that the citizens of El Idilio underestimate the ability of nature. The authors message first appears in chapter two, when Antonio explains, “a gringo killed the cubs and most probably wounded the father… Now the mother is prowling around crazed with grief, and it’s Man she’s hunting down”(Sepúlveda 19). Sepúlveda words prove that nature should not be messed with. As revealed in the quote, the gringo underestimated the ability of nature because of his lack of respect. Little did the gringo know that nature is extremely powerful. From underestimating nature the gringo not only died but he also put other people’s lives in danger. This is because now the mother ocelot is in search for revenge. This piece of evidence goes along with the saying “what goes around comes around”. Since the gringo killed the cubs he should expect karma to come. The theme is also clearly stated when Sepúlveda reveals, “The first settlers began to die some had eaten strange fruits; still others disappeared into the elongated belly of a bone-crunching boa constrictor….”(32). This piece of evidence implies that the first settlers were not prepared for what nature had in store for them. While they were in the Amazon Rain Forest …show more content…
The idea of people underestimating the ability of nature is seen throughout the entire book and the world. A real life example of this isHurricane Katrina in which many people underestimated the power of the Hurricane. Some of the people should of evacuated the area but they ended up trying to wait the storm out. Unfortunately because of this many people lost their lives. Nature is a very powerful thing and in order to stay safe people need to realize that they should not underestimate the ability of

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