Analysis of Literary Context Essay

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Analysis of Literary Context
James O. Montford, Jr.
Grand Canyon University: (BIB 355)
August 24, 2011

Analysis of Literary Context The intent of this paper is to analyze the literary context of the book of James, by giving an outline and summary of each chapter found in the book of The Epistle of James. This paper will give historical background and cultural information for the purpose that James the author wrote the book. This paper will attempt to tie in James 2:8-11 into the overall context of the book to find how and why James felt that these three verses were important to the entire book. The Epistle of James The letter takes its name from its author James the
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Pride 4:1- 6 ii. True Humility 4:7- 4:10 iii. Brotherly Love 4:11- 12 iii. Boasting 4:13-17

James compares pride and humility that these are two opposing forces of human nature. James explains that when our pride is submitted to Christ, then true humility occur (James 4:6). James tells his readers that there is a call for Christians to separate themselves from the world. Christians should be wholly devoted to Christ and His calling. i. Rich Oppressors will be Judged 5:1-6 ii. Patience and Persevering 5:7-12 iii. Ministering to the Body of Christ Here in the final chapter of James he wishes that his readers would understand that materialism is to see how much you can gain. The Bible is clear and it warns us about the unworthiness of earthly treasures. Those who held back and did not care for the less fortunate will be judged. James explains to the Christians that we are to wait patiently until Christ return, to establish our heart’s and care for the Body of Christ. James warns that the church that Jesus will marry will and should be as a spotless bride. James closes his letter with a prayer of faith to cover all that has read it.

In closing, the audience is poor and oppressed. Members of the church are being dragged to court by the rich (2:6) and taken advantage of

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