Analysis Of Lisa Simpson 's ' The Simpsons Show Should Be The Future President

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To become the president of Springfield it takes allot of responsibility, and integrity. The people of our country are counting on the Future president to take a step up and make Spring Field the best and safest environment. They are expecting that he or she will speak up upon them to help make changes for the best. This is why i present to you, Lisa Simpson - one of the most well know and trust worthy. At her young age she has proven to be brilliant and one of the most passionate about the environment. Beyond all her qualities she knows how to be a leader; She is what Spring feel needs. Lisa Simpson from the Simpsons show should be the future President of Spring Field. She has many appealing qualities that would fulfill her role of being president. Lisa would make a phenomenal president because she is brilliant and takes notice of important things that need to be done. Although she is still quit young , her wise and mature actions have proven that her age does not define her. Distinct from other candidates Lisa Simpson fits the role of president best because she is intellectual with an IQ of 159 that helps her think above and beyond about problems surrounding the environment. She is one of a kind , the type of leader that stands up for others and helps them out. Throughout her eight years of life she has pointed out the obvious when others try to ignore the problem. Her intelligence is an enormous advantage in many ways that can be beneficial to command the country. One of…

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