Essay on Analysis Of Life Of Pi By Yann Martel

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Attitudes to Pi’s Psychological and Emotional Development in Life of Pi Life of Pi by Yann Martel is a vivid story about a young man who starts off as an irresponsible troublemaker, but is forced to slowly grow out of his ‘comfort zone’ as he faces a myriad of obstacles. These include a disastrous seastorm that kills his entire family, to being stranded out at sea on a lifeboat with a famished Bengal tiger. Various events like this throughout the novel cumulatively act as a catalyst for Pi’s self-improvement. In Life of Pi, Martel establishes Pi’s psychological and emotional development through the manifestation of Pi’s religious beliefs, his ability to overcome the negative aspects of isolation, and his interaction with Richard Parker. To begin, Pi’s psychological and emotional development is demonstrated through religion. In the novel, it is well-known that Pi is born a Hindu, prays as a Muslim, and speaks on behalf of others as a Christian. The significance of his belief in all three gods is that it instills him with hope and courage to pass God’s test. The way in which religion helps him in specific situations is quite evident. For example, when Pi becomes shipwrecked and cries out to Vishnu to preserve him, Allah to protect him and Christ to save him, it is because what he is suddenly experiencing becomes unbearable. These troubling experiences that he faces at such a young age imbues him with a sense of hopelessness. Fortunately, this hopelessness does not…

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