Analysis Of Laymon 's ' The Book ' How On Slowly Kill Yourself And Others '

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In his book How To Slowly Kill yourself and Others in America, Kiese Laymon uses very specific, detailed allusions as a hidden tool to add to the experience of the reader and various aspects of his argument . All of Laymon 's essays in this book are packed full of Allusion, but they all have different effects. Throughout this book, Laymon uses Allusions to connect with the reader, add a dark side to his essays, remind the reader of past greats, provide second opinions, and build his credibility. Overall Laymon choses to uses these allusions in his work not only because they connect the reader to the story through the recognition of places, people and events, but they also because they each work on distinctive aspects of Laymon 's argument through the effects mentioned above.
One of Laymon 's most effective allusions comes in his second essay, "How To Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America," where Laymon uses his allusions to add to the complex tone of death and brutality created in this essay. In order to create this tone of violence and darkness, Laymon uses very detailed references to young blacks who were shot and killed. Not only does Laymon reference these victims, but he also connects these people to himself in the story by describing his age through them. This essay is overflowing with these references such as “Five years younger than Rekia Boyd will be when she is shot in the head” (35) or "I’m eighteen, three years older than Edward Evans will be when he is shot…

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