Analysis Of LPG Fuel Components

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Where: i : Number of components
Xi : Mole fraction for component ( i )
Cn: The total number of carbon atoms
Cni : Number of carbon atoms for component ( i )
H_m = ∑ X_i H_mi (3.3)
Hm: The total number of hydrogen atoms
Hmi : Number of hydrogen atoms for component ( i )
CnHm : The average chemical formula
So the average chemical formula has been determined as in the above equations according to the percentages of each components for Iraqi light naphtha which have been set in the table (3.3), [33], and it is found C5.774H12.85 .
The LPG fuel made up of several different gases, so it’s chemical formula can be determined in a similar way as naphtha, by using
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Gasoline fuel which used in the experimental test can be considered nearly ISO-Octane C8H18.

Table (3.3) The composition of Iraqi light naphtha, [33].
Vol.% Molecular Weight Chemical Formula Composition
0.20 58 C4H10 n-Butane
3.80 72 C5H12 ISO-Pentane
15.27 72 C5H12 n-Pentane
7.20 86 C6H14 2,2 dimethyl butane
7.98 86 C6H14 2,3 dimethyl butane
12.47 86 C6H14 2 methyl pentane
10.50 86 C6H14 3 methyl pentane
12.74 86 C6H14 n-Hexane
3.37 100 C7H16 2,2 dimethyl
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While engine performance like brake power, brake specific fuel consumption, brake thermal efficiency, brake mean effective pressure and volumetric efficiency are calculated. The torque is determined by the following relation, [3and63]:
T= m g r (3.4)
g : The acceleration due to gravity= 9.81 m.s-2
The brake power developed is calculated from the relation: P_b= 2πNT (3.5) The fuel consumption is determined by measuring the time (t) taken for the engine to consume a given volume of fuel and can be determined by the following equation: ṁ_f=(ρ_f V_f)/t

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