Analysis Of King 's ' King ' Essay

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1. In the opening paragraph, King has a very sarcastic tone but with some respect tied to it. He incorporates sarcasm because the audience knows that he does not have secretaries helping him and the only thing he can do is answer. He includes respect in this very sarcastic paragraph by saying that he does not answer many of his letters but they are “men of genuine good” so King feels it is necessary to respond. This opening paragraph is very ironic because the readers understand that he has no secretaries or busy work so King has no choice but to answer.
2. King arranges paragraphs 2-4, to build up ethos by showing why he is qualified to speak against the clergymen. He wants us to think about whom he is before we judge him. He goes from specific to abstract and starts with specific details of his role in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, then to his wider role as a minister and finally highlighting his commitment to justice. His ties with a good community of people lets the readers know that he is trustworthy and can appropriately speak to the clergymen. If these paragraphs were ordered in a different way, he would loose the reliability of his persuasion. King would go from abstract to specific details, which may confuse the reader.
3. The use of biblical figures to establish ethos and pathos has a strong effect on the readers. King is a Christian and by using the biblical figures, he is establishing authority. He used biblical figures such as St. Thomas Aquinas…

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