Analysis Of Katherine Mansfield 's ' The Garden Party ' Essay

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Views of Somebodies Bread and Butter In Katherine Mansfield’s short story “The Garden Party”, Laura’s wavering view on the class distinctions of the time can be seen through the reoccurring symbol of the sandwiches that are presented throughout the story. The symbolism of the sandwiches can be seen in the two juxtaposing symbols- the delicacy of the sandwiches, symbolizing the upper class, and the bread-and-butter, symbolizing the lower class. Both of these contradictory symbols work together to form the image of Laura’s wavering opinion on the class distinctions that are imposed in the generation of the play.

The bread-and-butter shows the reader the symbolism that strongly captures some of the main points that “Garden Party” offers about class distinction. The bread-and-butter symbolizes the working class and shows a small escape that Laura feels while living within the class distinctions of the lower class in comparison to her high-strung class. While eating the bread-and-butter Laura sees herself from the perspective of the working class yet still shows the conflict that resonates inside her in regards to the working class; “Laura took a big bite out of her bread-and-butter as she stared at the little drawing. She felt just like a work girl” (page 59). Laura escapes the Sheridan’s’ world until she has to order the workers causing her to return back to the binds of the upper class; “Laura wished that she had not got the bread-and-butter, but there was nowhere to put…

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