Analysis Of Katherine Mansfield 's ' The Doll House ' Essay

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“The Doll House” “The Doll House” written by Katherine Mansfield is a short story that entails many different things that show the different people and social classes but the reason the story is written is not necessarily clear in the reading. Just reading on the surface it is an entertaining story but the meaning or purpose of the story may not be clean unless read into further. The story holds different meanings such at the difference in social classes and what they think of each other, the possible future of the two families of children, and finally, the differences in social class, how it is being applied to both families and how they act because of the separation.
First off, the story shows obvious difference in social classes between Burnell children and the Kelvey children but the differences are subtle enough to be looked over if not dove into for further examination. Kezia wants to invite the Kelveys in to their home to see the doll house and asks “’Mother,
‘Said Kezia, ‘can 't I ask the Kelveys just once?’”. The mother of the Kezia shows dislike for the Kelvey children by replying “Certainly not, Kezia” followed by, “Lil Kelvey 's going to be a servant when she grows up.” The children seem to reflect the views they are around in the fact that Emmie agrees with her mother when she “swallowed in a very meaning way and nodded to Isabel as she 'd seen her mother do on those occasions,” showing that the children do as their parents just because that is how they are…

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