Analysis Of Katherine Mansfield 's Miss Brill Essay

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How does one know if a character is good or not? Good characters can be hard to come by, and identifying one can be even harder. When reading a good story or book, all good characters should meet three principles, and the character Miss Brill from the short story “Miss Brill” by Katherine Mansfield has done just that. Locating good characterization in any type of fiction can be tricky, but some authors can tell you what the principles are, how a character is consistent in their behavior, how their actions are understandable, what makes them real, and why they are such a good character. When people write extraordinary fiction, they will always follow three criteria. When writing about characterization, Perrine wrote: “First, the characters are consistent in their behavior.” (Perrine, pg. 70) This means that they do not do anything out of the ordinary without having been sufficiently motivated ahead of time. A character would not suddenly change their mind without something or someone causing them to. Perrine also wrote “Second, the characters ' words and actions spring from motivations the reader can understand and believe.” (70) to show that even though their changes have a cause, the causes cannot be ridiculous. Without a believable cause, the character’s change would be completely irrational. In the same paragraph, Perrine also wrote: “Finally, the characters must be plausible or lifelike.” (70) because the character cannot be a perfect angel,…

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