Analysis Of Kate Wilhelm 's ' The Village ' Essays

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War is not what is advertised, portrayed in Hollywood, or in games like Call of Duty. The experiences of war like atrocities and misfortunes lead to drastic changes in the morals of soldiers. The alteration of morals leaves many soldiers prone to commit unscrupulous actions as they disregard morals by focusing on of surviving in war’s hostile environment. Additionally, many soldiers form part of the war culture found around the world as they envision violence as a viable problem solver. Kate Wilhelm shows the preference towards violence in her story “The Village.” Wilhelm also critics war because the environment soldiers face removes all ethical beliefs in order to function and possibly survive. Tim O’Brien writes “How to Tell a True War Story,” and through his story telling supports Wilhelm by demonstrating how dangerous a militaristic culture is to those war crazed societies. Moreover, these stories reveal how a culture that is heavily invested in war will perceive war as acceptable because its perception has been manipulated into becoming culturally accepted. Kate Wilhelm improves the understanding of war by criticizing the war culture present in the United States in order to demonstrate that war does not benefit any side. Wilhelm uses the soldiers in “The Village,” to criticize the nationwide praise of the use of violence as a problem-solving tool. The constant false advertising of war drove many accept war as a problem solving tool , disregarding peaceful…

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