Analysis Of Kate Chopin 's ' Desiree 's Baby ' Essay

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Desiree’s Baby
Short stories are complex. They create and talk about situations that resemble problems that society face. However to accomplish this, an author has to be able to use the tools available to them. In the short story “Désirée’s Baby” by Kate Chopin, Chopin uses the elements of a short story to make her point known. There are five elements in which the story is composed: character, setting, plot, and theme. The first element is the character. A character is a person, or sometimes even an animal, who takes part in the action of a short story or other literary work. The characters of this short story are Désirée Valmondé, Armand Aubigny, and Madame Valmondé. Desiree was adopted by the Valmonde family on the day she was found at their front gate. They did not mind that the origins of her birth were known. Years later she marries Armand Aubigny, who has a very prominent name in the New Orleans area. She basks in the glow of her husband’s love and does not notice as her baby’s skin color darkens. As she is slowly rejected by her husband, she asks if she should go. When told yes, she takes her baby and runs towards the bayou. Armand Aubigny is like the other men in his family and fell instantly in love with Desiree; however he had seen her many times before the day he passed her standing outside the Valmondes’ gate. He claimed that unknown origin and lack of name did not bother him because he could give her a good-standing name that had held prominence for years. When…

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