Analysis Of Karla Dunston And Jacob Szafranski Essay

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Karla Dunston and Jacob Szafranski was a typical couple until tragedy hit. Karla Dunston was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and also found out that because of the chemotherapy she had the chance of not being able to have a child. The couple went into action and decided to take her eggs and Szafranski’s sperm. They used Szafranski’s sperm to fertilize Dunston’s eggs and froze them for later use. After Dunston’s second round of chemo the couple broke up (Schwartz).

After the couple’s break up, the idea of saving the pre-embryo’s was up in the air. Dunston and Szafranski went to court and battled over the custody of the fertilized eggs. The case focusses on what kind of contract existed between Dunston and Szafranski, and to what extent that matters (Schwartz). The ex-couple only had a verbal contract and nothing written or signed. Because these types of custody cases are new in the court system, there are no laws that are set in stone for the parties involved. Both parties of the court case have strong reasoning to what happens to the frozen pre-embryo.

Months after the break up, Jacob Szfranski decided that he did not was the pre-embryo’s to be used. One of his reasons is that he did not want to be a father against his will, although Dunston states that Jacob does not have to be a part of the child’s life (Schwartz). This can be an issue for Dunston because all of the eggs that were taken from her were fertilized with Szfanski’s sperm and he has requested her not…

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