Analysis Of Just Lather That's All And One Of These Days

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Why would an old-school barber have the thoughts about killing their customer? Why would a dentist make the removal of a tooth so painful for a mayor? The story “Just Lather, That’s all” written by Hernando Tellez and the story “One of These days” constructed by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, both of these stories have strong similarities between both of them but what really sticks out is how similar both the Barber is just as similar to the Dentist. Both of these stories have hatred in them either if it's for killing people that you think are right, or it's for the job title. The man named Torres “Just Lather, That’s All” is a bounty hunter people would call him. But why would the barber ever think about killing him? The barber is what Torres hunts for. But Torres doesn’t just go around and hunts barbers he kills them because they are rebels and they need to be stopped. The dentist is another nice guy it’s just he isn’t on good terms with the mayor and the mayor threatens his life if he doesn’t pull out his tooth.

To begin with, both the barber and the dentist have so much in common because both of them could have killed their customers or they could have died. The barber lived in a time where people were pursued based on the beliefs but they didn’t go to jail a man named Torres would shot them. The dentist's life was at risk because if he didn’t pull the mayor's tooth then he would be shot. So how these stories have a strong connection is that the barber could have killed the

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