Analysis Of Joseph Ellis 's Founding Brothers Essay example

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The author of Founding Brothers, Joseph Ellis argues many points throughout the assigned reading. He argued that the new nation surviving its infancy stage was “bleak in the extreme.”(Ellis, 8) The adolescent nation faced many challenges both home and abroad during the revolutionary generation as they attempted to fashion an independent viable republic such as the dinner which Thomas Jefferson held to decide the issues of the early nation’s deficit and the location of its new capitol, the long-standing silence over the slavery issue, the Farewell Address-centered in a single fact that Washington was leaving office, and John Adams and Thomas Jefferson first contested presidential election of 1796. They took many steps to confront these challenges to impose order and stability during the nation’s years of infancy. There were issues between the founding brothers that existed and when looked at reveal distinguishing facts about the nature of American politics in the nation’s early years. On June 20, 1790, Thomas Jefferson hosted a dinner for Hamilton and Madison in the hopes that they will resolve their disagreements. Hamilton is convinced that without his financial plan, the nation’s survival will be at risk. Madison had succeeded to block the approval due to “one key of the Hamilton proposal, the assumption of state debts by the federal government.” (Ellis, 48) Thomas Jefferson serves as a great mediator in this situation. “According to Ellis, the dinner invitation he had…

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