Analysis Of Joseph Conrad 's Heart Of Darkness Essay

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Myths and rumors are easily altered into unbelievable stories that are far from the actual truth. Joseph Conrad 's Heart of Darkness shows the progression of a myth about Kurtz, and how the stories do not match the reality of Kurtz. Every story that occurs during Marlow’s trip down the river increases the expectations of Kurtz. Marlow’s desperation to meet Kurtz increases as well, but when Marlow finally meets Kurtz he is disappointed. Kurtz’s legend creates an unrealistic idea of him, but his inefficacy reveals the reality of human nature, and the effects of different environments. Marlow hears many stories from the people he meets during his trip down the Congo. The first mention of Kurtz is when Marlow is at the station, and the accountant tells him “In the interior you will no doubt meet Mr. Kurtz.’ On my asking who Mr. Kurtz was, he said he was a first-class agent; and seeing my disappointment at this information, he added slowly, laying down his pen, ‘He is a very remarkable person’”(29). Although, Kurtz is introduced to Marlow during a delay of his trip, the information elevates Marlow’s desire to get to the heart of the Congo to meet Kurtz. Kurtz has a great reputation, so Marlow’s expectation of him grows with every story he hears. Marlow is not extremely interested in Kurtz, until more information is presented, and Marlow’s personal mission becomes about saving him. Kurtz is said the be a remarkable person, because of the amount of ivory he sends to the Company.…

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