Analysis Of Joseph Conrad 's ' Heart Of Darkness ' Essay

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Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad has many negative views on imperialism. There are two reasons why the novella judges imperialism so critically. Imperialism has two goal and both are not met in the novella. The first goal the novella does not meet is the economic goal. Many workers are not doing there job effectively and the company is mainly run inefficiently. The other goal the novella does not meet is the goal to civilize the natives. Instead of civilizing the natives the company abuses and uses them for labour. It is clear that the novella, Heart of Darkness sees very little value in Imperialism. The only two goals of imperialism were not met. The only moment the text hesitates in its critiques in imperialism is the treatment given toward Mr. Kurtz. To start off, imperialism Heart of Darkness fails the economic goal by the inefficient of the company. To begin, in “Conrad 's Critique of Imperialism in Heart of Darkness” Hunt Hawkins explains the main goal of imperialism, “[all] global cause[s] of imperialism …were eventually influenced by economics” (Hawkins 289). Once the goal of imperialism has changed to an economic goal, it must be run efficiently. In the text it is displayed multiple times that it is not run efficiently. The inefficiency losses capital therefore not achieving the economic goal. This is one way the text shows its little value towards imperialism. Furthermore, Hawkins notes in his essay that Conrad does not see value in Imperialism if it is not…

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