Essay on Analysis Of Jones ' Speech And Debate Tournament

800 Words Apr 13th, 2016 4 Pages
Ireland Jones, a competitor at a speech and debate tournament, is in a room filled with 10 to 15 people; three of those in the audience are there to evaluate her speech and give her feedback. In Jones’ speech, she discusses the rise in the Islamic faith and the decrease in Christianity in European countries. Throughout Jones’ informative speech, she addresses how the audience can make a difference to spread Christianity. Although Jones’ speech has some shortcomings, Jones’ knowledge of the topic is clear through her professional delivery.
Before delving into Jones’ speech, it is necessary to specifically analyze her delivery. Jones voice inflections are well done and they reinforce her words with precision. Jones’ passion for her topic is visibly clear throughout her presentation of her speech. Although the content of Jones’ speech is well developed, Jones’ asks the audience too many rhetorical questions. The questions that Jones’ uses detracts from assertiveness of the speech. Instead of feeling informed, the audience now feels uninformed and frankly stupid. Overall, Jones’ hand gestures, body movements, and voice control complemented the speech.
Jones begins her the introduction to her speech by immediately connecting with the audience; she talked about how society can all agree that society is every changing. Jones then continues to address the different topics she says she will cover throughout her speech. Jones says that she will be discussing the rise of Islam, the…

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