Analysis Of John Proctor 's ' Salem Witch ' Essay

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In Chapter 265, section 1 of Massachusetts law it states “Murder committed with deliberately premeditated malice… murder in the first degree..” But, Abigail Williams did not deliberately want to kill anyone. All she wanted was to save the people of Salem. In Salem there were witches that were sent by the Devil and she wanted to save the pure souls of the people in Salem. Just like any person in Salem, I go to church every Sunday and so does Abigail Williams. Abigail is a person of God and would not lie or sin to hurt the people of Salem. But, it is known that John Proctor has not been continuously going to church. He has not been taking Sundays off from working on the field. He has not been faithful to his wife. He has not been a good Puritan like you and me. Why is this? Why did he try to blame this sweet, innocent, good Puritan girl of lying and committing sin? Why did he try to save the already condemned and confessed witches of being innocent? Maybe, he isn’t innocent. Maybe, he is one of them as well. Maybe, he was sent here by the Devil to hurt the people of Salem and send the rest of the witches free. All Abigail has done is try to help the town. And John Proctor is trying to destroy it. Who do you trust more? The the Puritan girl who goes to church every Sunday like the rest of us or the sinner who no one has seen at church in weeks.

John Proctor:

When was the last time you went to church?

It has been proven that John Proctor has not been continuously seen…

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