Essay on Analysis Of John Paul 's ' My Eyes '

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Dressed as he generally would, with no fancy attributes, John Paul struck me as a humorous and whimsical person. When we met each other for the first time, I expected quite a few jokes to be cracked and numerous humorous moments to come my way. In a very few moments we had had previously, he sounded funny and acted funny as well! So, the best I could do was consider him funny. Thanks to the conversation we had, he is no longer only a funny person to me. By now, I am aware that he carries some serious traits as well. John Paul, in my eyes, is an orthodoxical humorous, optimistic and ambitious person, all of which I didn’t know before.
A person showcasing a smile most often turns out to be humorous. This trait in itself is a blessing in disguise. John Paul, later to be known as JP, is nothing if not fully committed to the full dose of humor. This, to those who are up close to him, is well known and highly regarded as well. Despite the degree of gravity in the queries tossed towards him, one can for sure expect to be returned with a laughter or a smile, at least! When tackled with query regarding number of relationships involving him, he kept on counting and after a long awaited gap he responded, “I know, it’s not infinite!” Isn’t this the exact kind of person anyone would want to pop up in a tense heated conversational environment? As his response to any dubious questions are expected to be blended with trademark JP humor, he is orthodox. This external mask of his is in…

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