Analysis Of John Milton 's ' The Uncle Screwtape Of The Screwtape Letters '

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Introduction John Milton wrote an epic novel that forever changed the way people viewed the Satanic image. John Milton’s portrayal of Satan in Paradise Lost is a very dramatic image that has sounded throughout generations. The image Milton portrays of Satan is one of the antagonist of ancient tragedy who borders on the line of appearing to be a tragic hero. Milton also depicts him in anthropomorphic images instead of the grotesque images that were normally associated with the Satanic character. Other authors have responded to this unique image that Milton set before his audiences. One such author is C.S. Lewis who wrote a novel that appears to provide a corrective view of Milton’s Satan. Lewis wrote a novel entitled The Screwtape Letters. The main character goes by the name Screwtape, a demon, and he is seen writing letters to his nephew Wormwood. However, Lewis did not just write a response to Milton’s Satan. C.S. Lewis’s Uncle Screwtape of The Screwtape Letters is a satire of Milton’s Satan in Paradise Lost. A satire subjects the excesses and abuses of human activity to ridicule. In other words, Lewis is satirizing the personification of Satan through Screwtape. With this understanding, Lewis ridicules Milton’s Satan as an over-wrought, dramatic and heroic character, who is full of self-importance. Milton portrays Satan as a figure from both Greek tragedy and an epic. In contrast to Milton, Lewis offers the portrait of a devil, who is not understood as Satan, as…

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