Analysis Of John Covin's Article, Homelessness Poverty, And Incarceration

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Covin’s article, Homelessness, Poverty, and Incarceration:
The Criminalization of Despair Those who work within the criminal justice system, illustrates the wide but often overlooked systemic issues that face the criminal justice system. By combining various statistics, world life experiences, and the ethics of John Rawls, Covin is able to speak in depth of the larger community issues that the United States now faces. In the following, I will provide an in depth analysis of Covin’s article while bringing light some of his most important insights. In concluding, I will extrapolate his findings to suggest practice solutions for the criminal justice system.
Covin begins by stating that too often those who are ill prepared to deal with persons within the system. As Covin points out this reality creates many ethical quandaries that permeate the system and impact those within prisons. More importantly, there is a
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Covin suggests that by using these Rawlsian concepts society may be more just in that they help foster an environment of opportunity and access in the most comprehensive way. Covin rightly notes that, “the two principles of justice would effectively create a more equitable society, thereby affording alternatives to criminogenic life choices and allowing marginalized individuals and dislocated communities to participate in quality-of-life opportunities heretofore made inaccessible to them.” In effect, address the very thing that lies at the heart of so many of the issues within the criminal justice system. Through the implication of primary goods and reciprocity as well as “dismantle the systemic strategy to incarcerate certain segments of society, Covin suggests a dramatic reduction of the rate of

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