Essay about Analysis Of John Adams 's President Washington

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At the recent Republican National Convention, there were calls of “jail her,” or even “hang her,” regarding Hillary Clinton. These cries resulted not from her conduct—the FBI Director, a staunch Republican, gratuitously offered his opinion that she had been “careless,” but even he had to conclude that no reasonable prosecutor could have brought charges—instead, the raucous shouts resulted simply because to the convention’s Republicans she was the enemy.

Such poisonous bleats directed at a political opponent—and clearly encouraged by the Republican nominee—were explicit violations of America’s most honored political traditions. They stimulated some thoughts about the United States of America, and what this country at its best has contributed to the world.

In 1797, John Adams became president. President Washington had retired after two arduous terms, and the succession by his vice president could be accepted by both supporters and opponents as political continuity. Four years later, the situation was starkly different. President Adams had lost his bid for re-election. Continuity was no more; his successor would be Thomas Jefferson, his political opponent.

The new United States had no experience with such political change, and useful guidance could hardly come from world practice. Inheritance was the usual process for replacing a leader, or sometimes a rival faction with greater power could seize control. There then was likely to be bloody reaction, with losers becoming…

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