Analysis Of Job Redesign For Expanded Him Functions Essay

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How are the principles of goal setting applied in this case

Job setting is a tool that can be used to motivate and challenge oneself towards achieving his/her career goals. In HIS departments, work changes over time due to events of changes like nature of work, its flow and scheduling, relationships among workers, technologies, policies and procedures, volume of tasks and types of tasks. Management is responsible for responding to, reorganizing work and restructuring jobs for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Through routinely and periodical assessments of work and jobs, management determines alignment through three indicators.

Sector changes; indicators at this sector occur frequently because of socioeconomic events, cultural shifts, new technologies, new or revised regulations, and new or revised accreditation. To prevent alteration of operations, the HIS departmental managers and directors assess the effects of these sector-wide events on daily routine.

Organizational changes; indicators of organizational changes include enterprise- wide initiatives and HIS department initiatives which may occur in goals, in patient and client number, or service mix. These changes affect the case- mix ant the HIS department’s work by increasing the number of Medicare cases or by requiring specialized knowledge in registries. Such events affect the services and products of the health care…

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