Analysis Of James Baldwin 's ' The Native Son ' Essay

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James Baldwin was a great African American essayist. In the story he wrote called “The Native Son” he talked about his father and his relationship with his father. He lived with his family and moves out a year before his father passed. When Baldwin talked about his father he talked about his father being this bitter man that no one liked no even his kids because of the way he handled himself. Although he was a minister and tried to seem like a saint in person his personal life was a different story. On the day his father died which was July 29, 1943 his last child was born she was a girl.

After his father died Baldwin realized that he had no real connection with his father. As a matter of fact he had no with none of his kids all of them hated him and he really didn 't have a good connection with people either, they would move from church to church but he still found himself in less demand as a minister. By the time he dies in what james called an bitterness of spirit none of his friends have even come to see him. After James left home he began to see the things his father was talking about a feared that the illness that killed his father could also kill him. This illness had his father so down till he didn 't even trust his own family and had to be fed through IV.

His father did not like white people for their reputation with them was rough and he didn 't care for James to like them either. He told him although his white friends could be nice they couldn 't be…

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